Board Meeting Minutes -November 2010

Danville AYSO Regional Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Nov 10, 2010 @ 7:00 PM at Shiloh UCC

Call to Order at 705: RC

Minutes of Prior Meeting: Secretary – Karen Rauch-Present. A motion was made to approve the minutes from May 20, 2010 meeting by Laurie Pickle, 2nd by Chris Benjamin.

Officers Reports:

Regional Commissioner: Christy Payton-Present

Assistant RC: *** OPEN ***

Treasurer: Chris Benjamin-Present

Registrar: Laurie Pickle-Present

CVPA Lori Steele-Absent

Scheduler Nicky Outt -Absent

Coach Administrator *** OPEN ***

Referee Administrator Jeff Creveling-Present

Safety Director Bruce Rauch-Absent

Attendees: Diane McCurley, Mary Kutcher, Chika Sato

Agenda Topics:

  1. Board Introductions
  2. Fall Season Recap – 340 players, 71 Registered Volunteers, 16 Certified Referees, &

50 Coaches & Assistant Coaches

  1. Spring Registration - Board discussed & voted. The fee will be $30 per child for spring only play.
  2. Spring Dates–Area games will start April 16 thru June 11, off Easter (4/24) and Mem Day wknd (5/29)
  3. Other Spring Dates – Please check our website for updates

Regional – Feb 10 - 7pm - Danville Regional Board Meeting

Feb 11 though Feb 28 – Coaches should contact players to determine team counts

Feb 28 – Team Counts due to RCA / RC

March 7 – Team Counts due to Area schedulers

March 21 – 6:30 pm – U5 & U6 Spring Coaches Meeting

7:15 pm – U8 Spring Coaches Meeting

8 pm – U10, U12, & U14 Spring Coaches Meeting

March 22 through April 5 – All players should be contacted and informed of their first spring

practice date & time

Trainings – Feb 19 – Referee – details TBD, Feb 20 – Coaches – details TBD

Feb 26 – Management training – details TBD

March 28 – Area Meeting – 6:30 Bloomsburg YMCA

  1. Board / Management Training – please review board certifications & training matrix
  2. Mandatory Coaches Training – (per Section 13) - As of Aug 1, 2010 (MY2010) All coaches U5 – U14 need to have at minimum online U8 coaches training. The new National AYSO requirements are that U6 by Fall 2010, U8 by Fall 2011, U10 by Fall 2012, U12 by Fall 2011, and U14 by Fall 2012, etc.
  3. Review Open Positions & Accept Nominations
    1. RC – as of Jan 2011 – A motion to approve Laurie Pickle as the RC was made by Jeff Creveling and 2nd by Karen Rauch.
    2. Assistant RC – Open position
    3. Registrar – A motion to approve Mary Kutcher as the Registrar was made by Jeff Creveling and 2nd by Karen Rauch.
    4. Treasurer – Chris Benjamin will stay on until a replacement can be found
    5. Coach Administrator – Open Position

Other Business:

  1. Chris Benjamin presented the Budget. Area H dues have been sent. The DASA bill will be paid, once received.
  2. Field set-up had a good turn-out. Generally field lining went well and any issues will be addressed at the coaches meeting.
  3. The uniform pick-up policy will be tweaked, to get the uniforms out to families in a timely manner.
  4. Jeff Creveling asked for a list of names of individuals who took the Referee training.
  5. Player participation awards were discussed. It was decided that the certificates will no longer be handed out; Metals will be given up to U8 and U10’s will be decided on but looking at either a soccer ball, equipment bag or water bottle.
  6. The signature card will be changed to remove Christy Payton’s name to add Mary Kutcher.

Adjournment: 8:20 by RC