Board Meeting Minutes-May 2010


Danville AYSO

General Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2010 @ 7:00 PM at Shiloh UCC

Meeting Called to Order 7:20: RC


Regional Commissioner: Christy Payton-Present

Assistant RC: *** OPEN ***

Secretary: Karen Rauch-Present

Treasurer: Chris Benjamin-Present

Registrar: Jill Alessi-Present

CVPA Lori Steele-Absent

Scheduler Nicky Outt-Present

Coach Administrator *** OPEN ***

Referee Administrator Jeff Creveling-Present

Safety Director Bruce Rauch-Absent

Minutes of prior meeting were reviewed, a motion to approve was made by Jeff Creveling and seconded by Laurie Hause, and all were in favor.

Agenda Topics:

  1. Board Introductions – Review Open Positions & Accept Nominations
    1. Registrar – Motion to approve nomination of Laurie Pickle made by Jeff Creveling, seconded by Nikki Outt, all were in favor.
    2. Assistant RC – Christy will be working on recruiting, let her know if you have any nominees.
    3. Coach Administrator – Christy will be working on recruiting, let her know if you have any nominees.
  2. Registration Procedures were reviewed, no changes recommended. A discussion was held on sending postcards or emails to previous players, who have yet to sign up for next season.
  3. Separate Boy/Girl Divisions U5 & U6? Christy will review number of players and number of coaches and report back to the board.
  4. U8 - U14 AYSO Referee Guidelines – The Ref training was successful, this will continue to be a mandatory course for coaches and assistants.
  5. Mandatory Board / Management Training – Board members must complete mandatory trainings.
  6. Mandatory Coaches Training – (per Section 13) - As of Aug 1, 2010 (MY2010) All coaches U5 – U14 need to have at minimum online U8 coaches training. The new National AYSO requirements are that U6 by Fall 2010, U8 by Fall 2011, U10 by Fall 2012, U12 by Fall 2011, and U14 by Fall 2012, etc.
  7. MY2010 Dates – Regional Calendar present by Christy, no changes made.
  8. Cherokee Grant - $500 towards new equipment/nets/etc – Thank you to Lori Steele! This money is currently in the savings account.
  9. Thank You Card to Shiloh UCC-Christy will present a card and $25.00 donation to the church.

Other Business:

Chris Benjamin presented the July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011 budget, after a few nominal changes Jeff Creveling motioned to approve, seconded by Nikki Outt, all were in favor.

A discussion was held on scholarships; discussion tabled for the time being, will look into how girl scouts and other organizations handle assigning scholarships.

A discussion was held on the lining of the fields. Dennis Wildt will not be available next year; alternate ways to manage this was discussed. One option is assigning a block of time (1 or 2 weeks a season) per coach, and they can assign to parents. Christy will create a proposal to present at the coaches meeting.

First Aid kits will be supplied to the U12 coaches as per AYSO rules that every coach have access to a first aid kit during practices and games.

Adjournment 8:15

Next Regional AYSO Board Meeting on Thursday, June 17th- 7pm at Shiloh UCC