Board Meeting Minutes February-2010

Danville AYSO Regional Board Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2010 @ 7:00 PM at Shiloh UCC

Call to Order: 7:07 by RC

Minutes of Prior Meeting: Secretary – Karen Rauch

Officers Reports:

Regional Commissioner: Christy Payton

Assistant RC: ***OPEN***

Treasurer: Chris Benjamin-absent-no report

Registrar: Jill Alessi

  1. Regional Commissioner-Christy Payton-present
  2. Registrar-Jill Alessi-present
  3. Scheduler-Nicky Outt-present
  4. Secretary-Karen Rauch-present
  5. Referee Administrator-Jeff Creveling-present
  6. Amanda Taylor-Present


Agenda Topics:

  1. Board Introductions – Review Open Positions & Accept Nominations
    1. Safety Director – Bruce Rauch was nominated by Jill Alessi, seconded by Amanda Taylor all in favor.
    2. Assistant RC – If interested, please let Christy know.
    3. Coach Administrator - If interested, please let Christy know
  2. U8 - U14 AYSO Referee Guidelines – Jeff Creveling is taking the Referee training class and will set up a training class in Danville this spring if needed. Everyone who takes the Referee training will receive an AYSO Referee t-shirt and Referee wallet with colored cards. Discussion of game cancellations due to not having a Certified Referee at every U8-U14 game. As per Dianne, (our Area Director) the chain of command on this issue will fall to the Regional Referee Administrator, Area RA, and then the Section RA. Any of those three may very well show up and ask our volunteers about their credentials. Christy commented that she was pleased with the amount of volunteers that had expressed interest in taking the Referee Course. We are making progress towards this requirement. Danville AYSO will continue to encourage volunteers to obtain the training that is necessary to perform the volunteer jobs that they agreed to do.
  3. Online Training – email Christy for your AYSO ID to log in and take the courses
  4. Mandatory Coaches Training - All coaches U5 – U14 need to have at minimum online U8 coaches training prior to Spring Coaches Meeting. A discussion was held on combing the spring coaches meeting with coach training. It was determined that due to the time restraints and the Easter holiday, we will offer a U8 and possibly U10 training after the Coaches Meetings. See date adjustments below.
  5. Due to the numero us trainings & meetings over the next ten weeks, it was decided to not hold a March or April board meeting. Next Board Meeting will be May 27th.
  6. The new AYSO requirements are classroom coaches training for U6 by Fall 2010, U8 by Fall 2011, and U10 by Fall 2012
  7. Spring Management & Coaches Training - See Christy to register
    1. March 26, 27, & 28 – Montoursville

8.  Spring & Summer 2010 Dates –


  • Feb 10 – Team player counts due
  • Feb 20 – Bloomsburg Training
  • Feb 27 & 28 – Lewisburg Training
  • March 12 - Last day for spring only registrations
  • Monday, March 22nd Coaches Meetings held at Shiloh UCC Fellowship Room Downstairs 6pm-U5 & U6, 7pm-U8, & 8pm- U10/U12/U14
  • April TBA – Basic Referee Training held in Danville
  • April 8th and/or April 10th– Referee training – tentative dates
  • March 25 – April 7 - All Players should be contacted with first practice date
  • April 5 – Area Scheduling Meeting
  • April 17 – Field Day - tentative
  • April 24 – Area & Regional games begin thru June 12
  • May 7 – Coaches input current player ratings into eayso
  • May 16 – Sunday Member Year “MY” 2010 Registration - DMS – approved
  • May 20 – 5:30 -7pm- MY2010 Registration – Shiloh UCC
  • May 20 – 7pm Danville Board Meeting – Shiloh UCC
  • May 28 thru 31st NO Games – Memorial Day weekend
  • June 1 – Danville Budget due to Area
  • June 17 – Danville Regional Board Meeting
  • July 1 – RAP due to Area
  • July 9 – Fall team numbers due to Area



9.    Thank You Cards to DACC & Cherokee – volunteers?

10.  Registration Rate Increase OR Maintenance Fee. A discussion and vote were held on adding a $10.00 per player charge to cover Maintenance costs. All were in favor of the increase. This means that AYSO & DASA fundraisers will no longer be needed. $10 per player will be charged to all CSSC players as well. Monies will go to the DASA organization to cover maintenance costs associated with the Soccer Park.

11.  Participation Gifts given out at Spring Coaches Meeting


  1. U5 thru U8 – 207players – AYSO metals -$1.95ea
  2. U10 thru U14 – 153 players – (Certificates 0.40) (Water bottle-1.55ea)(Pins-1.45ea)
  3. Coaches “Thank You Gifts” – need approx 45 – Budget - $500 - T-Shirts okay. Nicky has a contact and will look into the cost for tee shirts.
12.  Cherokee Grant Update – Lori Steele not present. Grant will not pay for ongoing expenses. However, a request to cover nets will be submitted (cost $520.00)


Other Business:

  1. A decision is needed on how the new process of families donating old uniforms will be handled (Laurie Hause to advise) Watch for email & info handed out at Coaches Meetings.
  2. Jill has received two confirmed spring sign-ups so far, more are expected. Discussed U8 boys losing possible 7 players due to Little League.

Adjournment: 8:00 p.m.


There will be no March or April Board Meeting

Next meeting on May 20th 7pm (After Registration) at Shiloh UCC Fellowship Room